Notification of Special Campaign against Underage Drivers and their Parents



A notification has been issued on 01-09-2021 in connection with the Special Campaign against Underage Drivers and their Parents by DIG Traffic Police in Karachi. Further detail of said notification in same is as under;

Special Campaign against Underage Drivers and their Parents

Apex Court f Sindh has taken serious notice of juvenile divers and has directed to take stern legal action against juvenile drivers and their parents permitting them to drive motor vehicles including motorcycles, Rickshaws they are causing fatal dtVidelltS on the roads.

Therefore. in compliance with the Apex Court order, you are hereby directed to launch a special drive with immediate effect against underage/juvenile drivers including the owner or in charge of the motor vehicle who permitted an underage driver for driving his vehicle. per following SOI,

  • Issue multiple violation tickets.
  • Detain vehicle.
  • Issue violation ticket to the owner/in charge of motor vehicle including motorcycle/Rickshaw u/s 5 of MV0-1965 Vehicle shall not be released unless and until driver/owner produces valid Driving License. Registration Book with ownership or other relevant documents required under Motor Vehicle Law.
  • Seek Affidavit from the owner/in charge motor vehicle that in future he will not permit/allow teenagers for driving his vehicle.
  • In case of repeating the soot violation vehicle will be detained for an unlimited period including heavy fines through multiple violation tickets to be issued to the underage drivers, owners,s or in charge of motor vehicles.

Daily return to be submitted M Reader Branch (Proforma attached). Any laxity in this regard will be viewed seriously.


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