Request for Restoration of Computer Allowance @Rs.750/PM

A notification has been issued on 10-11-2021 by the Directorate of Public Instruction (EE) Punjab in connection with the Request for the Restoration of Computer Allowance for Computer Lab in Incharge @Rs.750/PM. Further detail of said notification in same is as under;


1DepartmentSchool Education Department
2Issued on11-11-2021
4CategoryPay & Allowances, Computer Allowance

Restoration of Computer Allowance @Rs.750/PM

The Govt of Punjab. School Education Department vide letter No.SO(SE-111)5-49212019 dated 03,11.2021. has directed to provide the information/data regarding sanctioned, the working post of I I /computer Lab Incharge, and financial implications involved upon restoration of computer allowance © Rs.750-P M.

I am therefore directed to request you to provide the information in the following format by tomorrow i.e.11.11 .2021 through E-Mail positively.

Restoration of Computer Allowance @Rs.750/PM

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