Upgradation of Teachers (BPS-09 To BPS-14) 2021 Sindh

A notification has been issued on 17th September 2021 Upgradation of School Teachers (BPS-09 To BPS-14) . This notification has been issued by Sindh, Government, School Education & Literacy Department. A large number of PST’s are agitating the issue which might culminate into some undesirable act. Therefore, this matter may kindly be prioritized. Further detail of said notification in same is as under;

Upgradation of Teachers (BPS-09 To BPS-14) 2021 Sindh

Kindly refer to Decision at 8.8 on Agenda Item No.8 of Provincial Cabinet’s meeting dated 17.07.2021. The decision is reproduced as under:

The Cabinet decided to refer the matter of up-gradation of the post of PST from BS-09 to BS-14 to the Cabinet’s Sub-Committee on Finance. The Sub-Committee will thoroughly review the proposal up-gradation vis-à-vis the presently employed PSTs versus those who will be recruited after up-gradation of the post, and present exact financial implications and recommendations thereof in the next Cabinet meeting.

You are requested to put up the matter before the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Finance for deliberation and discussion.

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