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A Notification has been issued on 17-03-2022 in connection with Awarding Teaching Allowance & Annual Increment to Contract Teachers of IBA Sukkur, Sindh University, NTS (PSTs, JSTs, JESTs, ECTs by Government of Sindh, School Education & Literacy Department, Directorate of School Education Elementary, Secondary & Higher Secondary Karachi Region Karachi.Further detail of said notification in same is as under;

Teaching Allowance & Annual Increment to Contract Teachers

It is to inform you that this Directorate received many complaints from contract teachers passed through third-party testing services.

 It is stated that Terms & Conditions mentioned in their appointment orders at Para N-02 as “you will be paid monthly remuneration according to your contract equivalent to BPS-14 per rules by the Govt. of Sindh”.

The finance department allowed qualification-based teaching allowance to all schools teachers employed in Government Educational Institutions, except those teachers who have already availed the benefit of award of higher grade and qualification increment prior to 01-12-2001 with effect from 07-04-2010, vide No. FD(SIR-III)5-30/2014, dated 21-07-2014.

In the light of the above context,” the above subject contract teachers have the entitlement of teaching allowance.

Further, it is to inform that the same contract employees of other districts of Sindh Province are drawing teaching allowance & annual increments, seen in their pay slips issued by different District Account Offices of Sindh.

Consequently: you are the Competent Authority to consider their cases of teaching allowance & annual increments as per the rules/policy of Govt. of Sindh.


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