Summary of Upgradation Remaining PSTs from BPS-09 to BPS-14 Sindh

A summary / letter has been issued / forwarded on 18-03-2022 in connection with Summary for CM Regarding Upgradation Remaining PSTs from BPS-09 to BPS-14 Sindh by Government of Sindh, School Education & Literacy Department.Further detail in same is as under;

Summary Upgradation Remaining PSTs from BPS-09 to BPS-14 Sindh

It is submitted that, under the Recruitment Policy 2021, with the approval of the Provincial Cabinet of Sindh, the Post of PST was up-graded from BPS-09 to BPS-14, but only for the new recruitments (Annexure-A).

The Provision of this benefit only in respect of the recruitment has led to an anomaly and created resentment among the remaining senior PSTs.

The same matter was placed in the meeting of the Provincial Cabinet of Sindh held on 27.07.2021, as included in the Agenda item No.8.8, the decision is reproduced as Under:

The Cabinet decided to refer the matter of up-gradation of the post-PST from BS-09 to BS-14 to the Cabinet’s Sub-Committee on Finance. The Sub-Committee will thoroughly review the proposal for up-gradation vis-à-vis presently employed PSTs versus those who will be recruited after up-gradation of the Post, and present exact financial implications and recommendations thereof in the next cabinet meeting.

Subsequently matter was placed before the Cabinet’s Sub-Committee on Finance in its meeting held on 03-12-2021 which decided as under:
“Having perused the financial implications as calculated by the Finance Department, the Committee decided to recommend the following:

  1. For initial recruitment, the post of PST (BPS-09) may be upgraded to (BPS-14) in view of up-gradration of qualification from intermediate to graduation.
  2. The post of PST (BPS-09) be upgraded to (BPS-14) in view of the upgraded qualification from intermediate to graduation. The school Education & Literacy Department shall give an option to the presently working PSTs who are at-least graduates in second divisions to opt for BPS-14 on regular basis and to avail further promotions to BPS-16 & 17 as per proposed services structure or to continue to draw a salary as per existing time scale (Annexure-B)”,

Present Position of Primary School Teachers

The present position of the PSTs working in different pay scales is as under:

PSTS Working In different Scales IIV Virtue of Time Scale

S.NO.ScaleNo. of Teachers
01.Below BPS-1422880

The above position shows that out of 73094 PSTs, only 22880 teachers are working below the 14 scales and the majority out of them will get time scale BPS-12 & BPS-14 in the current year.

Now in the interest of remaining PSTs as well as in the interest of school Education & Literacy Department, it is proposed that:-

  1. All existing PSTs who possess a minimum qualification of Graduation and are currently working below BPS-14 recommend up-graded to BPS-14.
  2. Alteast 25% of sanctioned strength may be converted to senior PST (BPS-16), which may be filled by promotion on seniority-cum-fitness basis and at least 10% of sanctioned strength may be concerted to chief PST (BPS-17) to be filled by promotion.

It is also proposed that all the PSTs who are presently working in BPS-14 may be declared as senior to newly recruited PSTs (BPS-14).

The Honorable Chief Minister Sindh may kindly approve the proposal at Para-7 & Para-8, above.

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