How much increase in Pay / Salary after Annual Increment December 2021



Here I am sharing the detail that how much pay/salary increase after Annual Increment in December 2021. All Government employees who are appointed on or after 2 June, will not get the annual increment. In the same way, the employees who are promoted /upgraded on or after 2 June will also not get this increment.

How much increase after Annual Increment December 2021?

Federal and all provincial employees will get an annual increase on 1 December 2021. In addition to annual increment 2021, they will also get the following increases in Adhoc relief allowances:

  1. Adhoc Relief Allowance 2017
  2. Adhoc Relief Allowance 2018
  3. ARA- Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019
  4. Adhoc Relief Allowance 2020
  5. Adhoc Relief Allowance 2021

Chart of Increase in Salaries on 01-12-2021

Salary Enhancement Chat Sindh Govt Employees

Pay ScaleAnnual IncrementInc in ARA-2017ARA- 2018Inc in ARA-2019Inc in ARA-2020 Inc in ARA- 2021Total Increase
1BPS- 012904429442958494
2BPS- 023305033503366562
3BPS- 033905939593978664
4BPS- 044406644664488748
5BPS- 0550075507550100850
6BPS- 0656084568456112952
7BPS- 07610926192611221038
8BPS- 0867010167101671341140
9BPS- 0973011073110731461242
10BPS- 1080012080120801601360
11BPS- 1188013288132881761496
12BPS- 1296014496144961921632
13BPS- 1310501581051581052101786
14BPS- 1411701761171761172341990
15BPS- 1513302001332001332662262
16BPS- 1615202281522281523042584
17BPS- 1723003452303451154603795
18BPS- 1828704312874311445744737
19BPS- 1930504583054581536105034
20BPS- 2045106774516772269027443
21BPS- 21500075050075025010008250
22BPS- 22587088158788129411749687

Salary Enhancement Chat Punjab, Federal, KPK and Balochistan Employees

Pay ScaleAnnual IncrementInc in
Inc in ARA- 2018Inc in
Inc in ARA- 2021Total Increase
1BPS- 0129029292929406
2BPS- 0233033333333462
3BPS- 0339039393939546
4BPS- 0444044444444616
5BPS- 0550050505050700
6BPS- 0656056565656784
7BPS- 0761061616161854
8BPS- 0867067676767938
9BPS- 09730737373731022
10BPS- 10800808080801120
11BPS- 11880888888881232
12BPS- 12960969696961344
13BPS- 1310501051051051051470
14BPS- 1411701171171171171638
15BPS- 1513301331331331331862
16BPS- 1615201521521521522128
17BPS- 1723002302301152303105
18BPS- 1828702872871442873875
19BPS- 1930503053051533054118
20BPS- 2045104514512264516089
21BPS- 21500050050005006500
22BPS- 22587058758705877631
Annual Increment


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