Civil Petitions For Regularization of Contract Employees (BS-01 To BS-15) w.e.f 14-10-2009

A notification has been issued on 31st August 2021 in connection with Civil Petitions For Regularization of Contract Employees (BS-01 To BS-15) by the Population Welfare Department. Further detail of said notification in same is as under;

Regularization of Contract Employees (Civil Petitions)

I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and to enclose herewith a copy of Admn. Department’s letter dated 04.08.2021 along with a copy of advice of Law & Parliamentary Affairs Department, Government of the Punjab letter dated 28.06.2021 and Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan Order dated 29.12.2020 passed in Civil Petitions Nos. 3128-L & 3129-L of 2016 titled as “Secretary, Government of Punjab, Population Welfare Department, Punjab Vs. Surriya Jabeen, etc. and Shakir Abbas”.

I am further directed to state that after the dismissal of the aforementioned CPLAS, the Court’s Orders dated 16.09.2015 & 26.06.2015 passed by the Hon’ble Lahore High Court, Multan Bench, Multan in Writ Petition No. 8773/2014 titled as “Shakir Abbas Vs. Government of the Punjab etc. and Writ Petition No. 9557/2015 titled “Surriya Jabeen & another Vs. Government of the Punjab etc.” has attained finality.

In view of the above, you are therefore directed to implement the Honorable Court’s Orders dated 16.09.2015 & 26.06.2015 to the extent of those contract employees who were appointed prior to notification dated 14.10.2009 by the concerned District Population Welfare Officers being Competent / Appointing Authorities for the post from BS-01 to BS-07 and subsequently whose services were regularized with immediate effect i.e. 17.02.2015 may be regularized ‘w.e.f 14.10.2009’ in terms of S&GAD (Regulations Wing), Government of the Punjab Notification bearing No.DS (O&M)3/2004/CONTRACT(MF) dated 14″ October 2014 of your district being Competent Appointing Authority under intimation to this office. A compliance report in this regard may be conveyed within 07-days.

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