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Notification of Abolishing of Vacant Post who for 3 Years

A notification has been issued on 31-08-2021 in connection with the revision of the delegation of Financial Powers by Govt. of the Pakistan Finance Division.Further detail of said notification in same is as under;

Abolishing of Post Vacant which is for 3 Years

In terms of S. No. 1 of Financial Management and Powers of Principal Accounting Officers Regulations, 2021 of SRO 285 (1)/2021 dated B. March 2021, powers to approve the continuation of temporary posts have not been delegated to the concerned Joint Secretary/Senior Joint Secretary as per earlier provision at Sr. No. 1 column No. 5 (ii) at Annex-I of System of Financial Control and Budgeting — 2006.

2.  Finance Secretary has been pleased to delegate the power to Senior Joint Secretaries I Joint Secretaries (Expenditure) concerned for continuation of temporary posts (BPS-1 to BPS-22) in the Ministries I Divisions I Departments/ Organizations through following amendment in the FMP & PAO Regulations. 2021.

Sr. No.1-Creation of Temporary Post’s, in Column (5)

  • “A post in any office or department which has remained vacant for a period of three years or more shall be deemed to have been abolished. The powers for revival of that post shall not be exercised without obtaining prior approval of concerned Senior Joint Secretaries / Joint Secretaries (Expenditure)”.
  • “Sr.JS/JS(Exp.) concurrence for continuance of temporary posts in the next financial year may be sought well before the beginning of that year so that the posts not agreed to by the Sr.JS1JS(Exp) are not continued in the financial year even for a day”.

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