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Punjab Launches Complaint Helpline for Citizen

Citizens of Punjab Can Now Directly Approach Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz for Complaints

In a significant development, citizens of Punjab now have a direct line to voice their complaints and feedback to the Chief Minister of Pakistan, Maryam Nawaz. They are encouraged to utilize the helpline by dialing 0800-02345 to submit their grievances.

The announcement was made during a press conference where the Chief Minister unveiled the Ramazan Nigahban Package. This initiative aims to facilitate citizens in expressing their concerns and ensuring their voices are heard.

The complaint helpline will not only address issues related to the Ramazan package but also cater to any other complaints or feedback from the public. The Chief Minister has assured that all complaints will be promptly addressed and resolved within hours of submission.

Additionally, citizens can also register complaints online through the Punjab government’s portal by visiting the relevant page. This digital platform provides another avenue for citizens to communicate their concerns effectively.

Furthermore, to ensure accessibility of essential goods during the holy month of Ramazan, the Chief Minister announced the establishment of Ramadan bazaars in each district. These bazaars will offer necessary items at discounted prices, making them affordable for everyone.

This move by the government underscores its commitment to the welfare and progress of the country. By providing a platform for citizens to raise their concerns, the government aims to ensure that basic rights are upheld and that citizen participation is integral to improving the condition of Pakistan.

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