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Online System for Domicile Certificate Applications KP Introduces

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) government has launched an innovative online system for the application of domicile certificates, significantly easing the process for residents across various districts. This new system is a step towards digital governance, aimed at simplifying bureaucratic procedures and making them more accessible to the public.

Under this system, citizens can now apply for their domicile certificates from the comfort of their homes using a computer or mobile device. Applicants simply need to visit the official website and submit their application along with the required documents online.

Additionally, applicants will visit a NADRA office to provide their fingerprints, ensuring secure and verified data storage with the government. This move will streamline data management at the provincial government level, providing easy access to citizen records at both village council and neighborhood council levels.

To assist those who are not tech-savvy, the government plans to set up centers in various districts. These centers will educate individuals on how to apply for an e-domicile, particularly helping the illiterate population navigate the digital process.

Furthermore, the government intends to expand this online service gradually from divisional headquarters to all districts in the province. Within two months, the traditional method of domicile issuance is expected to be completely phased out.

The citizens have expressed their appreciation for this initiative, highlighting the convenience of receiving domicile certificates at their doorstep. This development marks a significant milestone in K-P’s journey towards digitalization and public service enhancement.

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