Revised Pay Scales 1972 to 2022 Chart



Here I am sharing the Revised Pay Scales 1972 to 2022 Chart for the guidance of the employees of all of Pakistan.  For the first time in the History of Revision of Basic Pay Scales in Pakistan, in 1972 the Government revised the pay scales. After that with a gap of a few years pay scales remained revised. The last time Government revised the pay scales were in 2022.  Further detail is as under;

Revised Pay Scales 1972 to 2022 Chart

Finance Division revised the following pay scales in history:

  1. Revised Basic Pay Scales 1972
  2. Revised Basic Pay Scales 1977
  3. Revised Basic Pay Scales 1983
  4. Revised Basic Pay Scales 1987
  5. Revised Basic Pay Scales 1991
  6. Revised Basic Pay Scales 1994
  7. Revised Basic Pay Scales 2001
  8. Revised Basic Pay Scales 2005
  9. Revised Basic Pay Scales 2007
  10. Revised Basic Pay Scales 2008
  11. Revised Basic Pay Scales 2011
  12. Revised Basic Pay Scales 2015
  13. Revised Basic Pay Scales 2016
  14. Revised Basic Pay Scales 2017
  15. Revised Basic Pay Scales 2018
  16. Revised Basic Pay Scales 2022

There are many benefits of a combined pay scales chart. Some of the main benefits are as under:

  • It is very useful for the fixation of pay, especially from the backdated
  • The expert of pay fixation doesn’t need to have with him/her many charts of pay scales, he/she just needs these few pages for the fixation of pay even with effect from 1972.
  • It is time-saving, you can fix the payment in a few minutes.

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