Election Commission Pakistan Orders PEMRA to Enforce Media Conduct Clause

Official directive from the Election Commission of Pakistan to PEMRA for immediate action against electronic media channels violating Clause 12 of the National Media Code of Conduct to ensure fair electoral processes.


Reference ECP letter no.12(4)/2023-MCO dated 29-12-2023 on the subject cited above.

  1. It has been observed that some channels are airing poll surveys, a practice explicitly prohibited under Clause 12 of ECP’s Code of Conduct for National Media. The said clause emphasizes both print and electronic media to refrain from conducting polls and surveys at polling stations or constituencies. Such activities have the potential to influence voters’ free choice and may disrupt the electoral process.
  2. Given the seriousness of this issue, I am directed to state that PEMRA shall take prompt and appropriate action against the electronic media channels in strict alignment with Clause 12 of the Code of Conduct for National Media. A compliance report in this regard be also shared with this office as soon as possible for placing it before the Election Commission.
  3. This is issued with the approval of the Honorable Commission.

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