Saudia Introduces ProtecTasbih: World’s First Sanitizing Prayer Beads

Saudia Introduces ProtecTasbih: World’s First Sanitizing Prayer Beads for Global Pilgrims

An innovative step taken by the government of Saudia Arabia for protecting pilgrims’ health.

Enhancing Spiritual Journey

ProtecTasbih unveiled to enhance the spiritual journey of pilgrims during Umrah season and Ramadan.

Dual Purpose Innovation

A pioneering product blending spiritual practice with hand sanitization.

Crafting Technique

Specialized molding technique used to create prayer beads infused with tea tree oil for antibacterial properties.

Saudia’s Commitment

Saudia Airlines’ commitment to passenger safety highlighted by the introduction of ProtecTasbih.

Accessibility and Distribution

ProtecTasbih available to pilgrims and Saudi guests, ensuring health and hygiene during pilgrimage.

Benefits Amidst Crowds

Hand sanitization through prayer beads aids pilgrims in maintaining hygiene amidst large gatherings.

Widened Distribution

Distribution of prayer beads across Makkah enhances safety measures for pilgrims.

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