Social Media Declares as a “Health Hazard”

Washington: New York has officially deemed social media as a “health hazard.” According to international news agencies, New York has become the first city in the United States to label social media as detrimental to health.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York stated that Commissioner of Health Dr. Ashwin Vasan is exploring the potential harm caused by social media apps to the environment. These social media apps are adversely affecting children and adolescents.

He emphasized that efforts are underway to address the mental health crisis among children, while the city is witnessing a rise in mental health issues associated with social media.

The Mayor wrote on the city’s social communication website X, stating that they will not allow major technology companies to pose a threat to their children. However, Adams did not explicitly outline how the risks of social media will be mitigated and people protected from its negative impacts.

According to the New York City administration, details of initiatives to implement actions related to this matter will be released soon.

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