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Time Barred Science Teaching Allowance SSTs / SSEs / Headmasters 2024

Latest updates regarding Time Barred Science Teaching Allowance (SSTs/SSEs/Headmasters) in 2024. Referencing letter no. 83/2021 (VOL-ii) dated 01.01.2024 from the Finance Department, it addresses the time-barred case of MST Sheher Bano, SST at Govt GIRS High School Maria Jhelum. The Finance Department emphasizes that the Science Teaching Allowance is only applicable to Secondary School Teachers and Headmasters/Headmistresses of secondary schools, excluding other categories of teachers, including Seconded School Educators (SSE). Strict compliance with this directive is required.

Science Teaching Allowance SSTs / SSEs / Headmasters 2024

I am directed to refer to the subject hired above and to enclose herewith a copy of letter no. so (s) 83/2021 (VOL-ii) dated 01.01.2024 received from the section officer (school), finance department regarding the time-barred case of MST. SHEHER BANO. SST, GOVT GIRS high school Maria Jhelum was referred it is informed by the finance department that till now Secondary School Teachers and Headmaster/headmistress of secondary school have been allowed the benefit of science teaching allowance it is not admissible to any other category of teacher including seconded school educators (SSE). This is informed for strict compliance

  1. I am directed to request that further necessary action kindly be taken.

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