Young Innovator Scholarship 2024

Young Innovator Scholarship

Discover the Young Innovator scholarship before applying—an initiative by Ifrah Law tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs and youth. This program aims to bolster the ambitions of young innovators during their college and university years. Visit the official website to explore success stories and grasp the essence of this scholarship.

Initiated by Ifrah Law, the Young Innovator scholarship is a pathway to realizing the dreams of today’s youth. In an era marked by progress, seize the opportunity to contribute to a society fueled by groundbreaking ideas. If you harbor unique concepts and seek a platform for organization, the Young Innovator scholarship, administered by the University of Pennsylvania, is your gateway to support and recognition.

Scholarship Value: A Rewarding Opportunity

The monetary value of the Young Innovator scholarship stands at $2500, exclusively awarded to a single successful candidate. Administered by Ifrah Law, this scholarship’s worth may fluctuate annually. Selection for this financial support hinges on the merit of your innovative ideas and skills.

Eligibility Requirements: Qualifications for Innovator Scholarship

To apply for the Innovator Scholarship, candidates must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Enrollment: Aspirants must be enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, or law programs at the university level.
  2. University Location: The attending university should be situated in the United States.
  3. Full-Time Status: Applicants must be full-time students in their respective programs.
  4. Academic Performance: A minimum CGPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 is required; below this threshold, applicants will not be considered.
  5. Academic Excellence: A track record of academic excellence is essential.
  6. Management Skills: Applicants should possess strong management skills.
  7. Financial Support: Ability to articulate the need for financial support is mandatory.
  8. Innovative Ideas: Candidates must describe their innovative ideas as part of the application process.
  9. Age Limit: Applicants should be at least 26 years old.
  10. Residency: Permanent residency in the United States is a prerequisite.
  11. Fellowship Restrictions: Candidates may not be eligible to apply for a fellowship concurrently.

Application Details for the Young Innovator Scholarship

Ensure you are well-informed about the application process for the Young Innovator Scholarship with the following details:

  1. Accessing the Application Form:
  • Visit the provided link:
  • Sign up for an account and click on the “Apply Now” icon.
  1. Comprehensive CV Requirement:
  • Submit a well-supported CV along with the application form.
  1. Certificates Submission:
  • Include both official and unofficial certificates in your application.
  1. Innovative Idea Summary:
  • Provide a concise summary of approximately 750 words detailing your innovative idea. This should encompass your vision and the project’s community welfare.
  1. Email Submission:
  • Applications may also be submitted via email.
  1. Email Subject Line:
  • When applying through email, use your name as the subject line.
  1. Notification of Successful Candidates:
  • Successful candidates for the Young Innovator Scholarship will be notified after the specified due date.

Application Deadline: Seize the Opportunity

The deadline for the Young Innovator Scholarship is September 30, 2024. It is strongly recommended that aspiring candidates submit their complete applications before the end of September, as no applications will be accepted after the specified deadline. Take advantage of this prime educational opportunity for future employment purposes.

Contact Information: Reach Out for Assistance

For any inquiries or assistance related to the Young Innovator Scholarship application, feel free to contact us through the following details:

If you encounter any inconvenience or face challenges during the application process, do not hesitate to reach out using the provided contact information. We are here to help.

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